Regional General Board

  • CHUSYFest/

    8th Grade Shabbaton

    These co-chairs serve as the planning force of CHUSYfest and 8th Grade Shabbaton. They plan, organize, publicize, and execute all aspects of this weekend Shabbaton including icebreakers, programming, and logistics. These chairpersons are also a part of recruitment through phone calls. This Shabbaton currently runs in the month of November.

    Committee Members:

    CHUSYFest: Brooke Robbins and Nathan Spellberg

    8th Grade Shabbaton: Ashley Gitles and Jayden Fogel

  • Kadima Konvention

    For this position, the main responsibility is planning and attending the CHUSY Region Kadima Konvention, for 5th through 7th-grade Kadimaniks. This Konvention typically runs in early December and is hosted at Camp Chi's Perlstein Retreat Center.

    Committee Members:

    Kadima Konvention: Mackenzie Ball and Allison Finn

  • Kinnus

    These chairpersons serve as the planning force of CHUSY's Spring Kinnus. They will plan, organize, publicize, and execute all aspects of this Shabbaton including icebreakers, programming, and logistics. This Shabbaton typically occurs in April or early May.

    Committee Members:

    Lexi Cohn and Celia Murphy

  • Grade Representatives

    This committee will be responsible to work with the Regional President, Regional Executive Vice President, and the Regional Membership/Kadima Vice President to schedule, plan, and execute grade programming throughout the year. This may include a grade Shabbaton, a day dedicated at a convention to grade programming, or special grade bonding events throughout the year.

    Committee Members:

    Sophomores: Zoe Jagher and Dylan Tehrani

    Juniors: Jayden Fogel and Brooke Robbins

    Seniors: Alexa Feldman and Lexi Cohn

  • Israel Affairs Correspondent

    This chairperson is responsible for publishing regular Israel updates in CHUSY Region along with the Israel Affairs Vice President, and aids with matters related to international Israel publications and competitions as well as regional Chalutzim Israel programming. This person also aids in the creation and editing process of Ha’iton, the IA RGB monthly newspaper.

    Committee Members:

    Allison Finn and Josh Lazar

  • Keshet Chair

    The Keshet(s) Inclusion Chair will be responsible for working with Keshet Chicago, the special needs inclusion organization, and Keshet International, the LGBTQ+ inclusion organization. This chair has the ability to run programs, discussions, and other initiatives centered around social justice, acceptance, and inclusion. 

    Committee Members:

    Keshet (LGBTQ+): Maya Reisner

    Keshet (Special Needs): Dalya Lessem Elnecave

  • Regalia Chair

    This chairperson aids the Regional Communications Vice President in creating Regalia. This chairperson is also responsible for gathering input from other USYers on regalia through the use of Google Forms and communicating with the Social Media Manager to upload these opinion questionnaires. 

    Committee Members:

    Talia Brody and Abby Edmonds

  • Social Action Committee

    The Social Action Committee is responsible for working with all Social Action/Tikun Olam numbers and programming. This chairperson works with the Regional SA/TO to oversee regional volunteering, social action projects, Tikun Olam funds, and growth over the entire year. This person will also work to find, plan, and promote new ways or ideas to raise Tikun Olam dollars at chapter or regional events/conventions. This chairperson works with the Regional SA/TO to inform the region about Tikun Olam Fund Allocations. Finally, this chairperson aids in the creation of 613 late-night programming at regional conventions. 

    Committee Members:

    Ilana Friedel, Maya Reisner, and Dalya Lessem Elnecave

  • Gesher Chairs

    This committee works to help foster an open USY community and make a priority of making new members feel included. The Gesher committee is responsible for all Ice Breaker programs at the beginning of conventions. Members of this committee reach out to USYers, especially first-timers at conventions, by encouraging them to join tables and conversations to ensure a welcoming, inclusive region. 

    Committee Members:

    Lia Alterson and Paige Star

  • Ruach Committee

    The Ruach Chairs are responsible for aiding the current regional Rel/Ed VP with Ruach sessions. This includes leading such sessions and/or delegating who will lead the sessions. They also help to prepare a list of songs before the session so that it runs smoothly.

    Committee Members:

    Nathan Spellberg, Ilana Friedel, Ryan Eisenstadt

  • Summer Experience Outreach Chair

    The Summer Programs Outreach Chair is an enthusiastic USYer who has been on a summer program. They are responsible for promoting summer programs, creating innovative ways to excite USYers at conventions or events, and answering any questions about UYS's many summer proograms. In addition, this chairperson is responsible for helping with Summer Story Sunday that highlights a variety of Jewish based summer experiences that our USYers have had.

    Committee Members:

    Ethan Glen

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