CHUSY's COvid-19 Protocols

Day events

Facility Hosting the Event:

  • In person events may take place indoors or outdoors.

  • We can go to communal venues (bowling alleys, amusement parks, Starbucks, ice cream etc...) as long as we can follow all of our other guidelines. Waterparks are currently off limits due to the lack of ability to mask.

Personal Risk Mitigation: 

  • All participants and staff who are eligible to be vaccinated must be vaccinated to attend.

    • We will be requiring participants and staff to upload vaccine cards to regpacks the same way they have had to upload other medical information previously.

  • Events with only those 12 and older (all participants eligible to be vaccinated and are) masks can be removed when outdoors provided that social distancing of at least 3-6 feet can be maintained at all times.


  • Food will be allowed with the preference being for individually wrapped food but communal/buffet food will be allowed with certain rules

    • ​When indoors, participants may unmask to eat but must be at least 6 feet apart when eating.

    • If serving communal food (buffet), all participants must be masked when going up to get food.  

    • Self service buffets are permitted with supervision with hand sanitizer required for each participant at the beginning of the line.

overnight events

Facility Hosting the Convention:

  • The facility is one that has the ability to isolate group in area of hotel or camp to avoid mixing with public as much as possible

  • The facility allows for the ability to avoid public elevators either through stairs or use of lower floors (with staff arranging for luggage transportation through a non-shared elevator)

  • Facility enforces mask mandates indoors and USY groups avoid public areas where unmasked people may be at all times.

  • Facility has either outdoor or large, well-ventilated rooms available for activities

  • During overnight events there will currently be no off-site events (i.e., theme parks).

  • If using a hotel, the hotel room maximum occupancy will be four per room.  When possible, we will offer families an option to have only 2 in a room for an additional fee.

  • When utilizing a camp facility with cabins, beds will be spaced apart to allow for proper social distancing

  • Any Facility staff interacting with USY staff or participants must be masked and preferably immunized.


Location/Cities Conventions are Held in:

  • Local and state laws must permit mask and vaccine mandates for private organizations

  • If utilizing a hotel or other venue that does not allow for exclusive use the location must be in an area with low local positivity rates

  • We will give preference when hosting events to locations like camps/retreat centers where we can be exclusive groups


  • All of our policies regarding COVID protocols will be communicated to parents prior to convention

  • Parents/guardians, participants and staff will all have to sign off on an agreement prior to convention. This agreement will include: 

    • Attestation of COVID policies and waivers.

    • Attestation of no known exposures in past 14 days,  including school exposures, (exposure as a close contact < 6ft, with or without mask, for more than 15 minutes.)

    • Attestation of no current symptoms


Personal Risk Mitigation:

  • Vaccine mandate for all participants regardless if prior COVID-19 infection or not. 

  • Mask mandate policy indoors except for sleeping, inside personal room and eating

  • Mask mandate outdoors when physical distancing (3-6 ft)  is not possible

  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the convention



  • Food preparers must be masked.

  • All people masked during serving and when getting food. 

  • Hand sanitizer to enter buffet line

  • Hand sanitizer on all tables to use prior to eating or at end of the buffet line before going to tables to eat.

  • When possible, eating tables will be set with 50% occupancy at eating tables, to allow for sufficient spacing during eating.   



  • All participants will need to show proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.  Each participant must upload or bring a copy of the test results with them to be admitted to the convention.


Sick Policy:

  • If a person at convention develops symptoms of COVID-19 they must be isolated and picked up as quickly as possible after discussion with staff and parents.  Expectation is that a sick child will be picked up within 3-4 hours when logistically possible based on transportation distance. Parents will be signing off on this agreement as part of registration for the convention.

  •  Sick participants will not be able to take the convention group bus home and must be picked up (staff will remain with the teen until they can be picked up)

  • Roommates of someone who is showing symptoms (but not yet showing as positive):

    • Will eat at a separate table from other participants

    • Families will be notified in the event of a positive test with a request to have their child tested within 3-5 days following the exposure

  • If a participant goes home because they are sick, and tests positive within the next 3-5 days they must notify USY so that others can be notified 


Additional Supplies: 

USY Staff already bring a basic medical kit consisting of first aid supplies, basic over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl , hydrocortisone cream, etc.

  • In addition to this basic medical kit USY staff will also have at each convention the following:

    • Extra disposable 3 ply masks for those who need

    • KN95 masks for staff who need 

    • Nitrile gloves

    • Infrared non touch thermometer

    • Sanitizing wipes

    • Trash bags

    • Paper towels

    • Plenty of hand sanitizer bottles (both large refills and smaller bottles to have throughout)