Cost should not be an obstacle for any USYer or Kadimanik. We are committed to making sure that any Jewish teen who wants to attend our events is able to. Please ask us about Scholarship if you need!

What's Happening In CHUSY?

Welcome Back CHUSY! WE can't wait to see you this Fall at these incredible upcoming events!

Past events

CHUSY Kinnus 2021: CHUS-Lightnin!

CRUSY and CHUSY PResent: The Great Specialty Kinnus Bake-off!


Kadima Kinnus 2020: Cars edition


CHUSYFest 2020: High School CHUSICal

Kadima Kinnus (1).png

CHUSY's Got Talent and Leadership

Kickoff Graphic.png
CHUSY, time to get your head in the game

Camp CHUSY Lounge Night!


Kinnus Online 2020

output-onlinepngtools (2).png

PurimPalooza 2020

Purimpalooza Post.png

CHUSY Sa/to Marathon 2020

KK/8GS 2019: Winter Wonderland!

USY IC SoCal 2019

USY IC SoCal Logo - NoUSY.jpg

CHUSYFest 2019: Under the CHUsea

CHUSea - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Branch LTI 2019