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chusy AND gesher Kickoff
October 15th, 2023 2-5pm at Axeplosion Axe throwing lounge in Arlington Heights!

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CHUSY Kickoff at Axeplosion in Arlington Heights

Join your CHUSY AND Gesher friends for an incredible time at Axeplosion in Arlington Heights on October 15th, 2pm-5pm! Compete against your friends in axe throwing competitions like intense games of knockout, 21, and more!


Gesher (6th-8th) and USY (9th-12th) will be split up, so each age group gets an entire half of the axe lounge to themselves! 

Once Gesher and USY are split up, the incredible Regional Executive Board (REB) will lead fun and engaging games.


Groups will be made for each lane, just like bowling. There are 10 lanes and each lane can have up to 12 people. 


Once groups are formed and lanes are assigned, the axe throwing will begin! Each lane will be split into roughly equal lines, each line will be given only one axe to throw and share. 


There will be one CHUSY staff member for every 10 participants attending the event. CHUSY Staff AND Axeplosion staff will be placed throughout the whole axe throwing lounge and will be monitoring and making sure everyone is safe! 

After you work up an appetite nailing bulls eyes, enjoy some snacks and drinks provided by CHUSY as you shmooze with your friends. 

Early Bird Pricing August 23rd-September 10th: $36


Regular Pricing: September 11th-October 10th: $54

Cost includes admission to the axe throwing lounge, food and drinks, and staff.

Open to Gesher (6th-8th Grade) and

USY (9-12th  Grade)!

City transportation is available from

Recreation Dr. 

Address: 3575 N Recreation Dr Parking, 3575N N Recreation Dr, Chicago, IL 60657

Drop-off time: 12:45pm 

We can't wait to see you there!

Check out photos of Axeplosion Below!


CHUSY Kickoff at Axeplosion in Arlington Heights

Q. When and where is the CHUSY kickoff? 

A. October 15th, 2023 2pm-5pm at Axeplosion in Arlington Heights,
Address: 4230 N Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Q. Who can come to the CHUSY kickoff?

A. 6th-12th graders

Q. Will there be food?

A. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Full meals will NOT be provided. 

Q. How much does this event cost?

A. Early bird pricing $36 August 23-September 10
Regular pricing $54 September 11-October 10. 

Q. Will transportation be provided? 

A. Transportation will NOT be provided in the suburbs. Transportation from the city will be made available. Drop-off in the city will be at Recreation Dr. at 12:45pm. 
Recreation Dr. Address: 3575 N Recreation Dr Parking, Chicago, IL 60657

Q. How will the axe throwing work? 

A. 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade will be split onto either side of the axe throwing lounge, so each age group is with their own age group, Gesher (6th-8th) or USY (9th-12th). Groups of up to 10 will be made. There are 10 lanes in the axe throwing lounge. Each lane can have two people throwing at the same time. Groups will be split to create two lines per lane. Each line will be given one axe to throw and share. Different axe throwing games will played such as 21 and knockout. The teen leadership board will also lead icebreakers and games for the participants to get to know each other. 

Q. How will CHUSY make sure everyone is safe while throwing axes? 

A. CHUSY and Axeplosion staff will be present throughout the whole axe throwing lounge. CHUSY has rented out the whole lounge, so only CHUSY will have access to the lounge. There will be one CHUSY staff for every 10 participants. There is only one axe per line, two axes per lane. A throwing line is clearly labeled to throw from and stand behind. CHUSY staff will make sure those waiting in line are standing well behind the throwers. 

Q. What if the axe bounces and hits someone? 

A. The floor is NOT rubber, but wood. The axe will not bounce, but will simply fall to the ground. 

Q. What if I have more questions, or if I have so much fun at this event and I want to know about more events, who should I contact?

A. Parker Weber, CHUSY Engagement Director,


Check out photos from Last year's Kickoff 

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