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What are our Annual events?

Over the course of the year, CHUSY and our Chapters put on tons of events for Jewish teens in the Chicagoland area. In addition to day programs that we run throughout the year, we also have a few weekend conventions that are planned and led by teens and day programs that we run most every year. In addition to our teen leaders, all of these conventions are staffed by Jewish Youth Professionals from around the area. This is where you'll learn a little bit extra about what those weekends generally look like.


(Late August/Early September)

LTI, or Leadership Training Institute, is our first convention ever year. All of the leaders in CHUSY (board members, convention chairpeople, and CHUSY Leaders) come together for a weekend of learning, meeting other leaders, and planning for the rest of the year. 


(Early November/December)

CHUSYFest is the Fall convention for our USYers. It takes place at Camp Chi's Perlstein Retreat Center in the Wisconsin Dells. CHUSYFest is a weekend of fun social programming, teen-led learning, singing, a trip to the Kalahari Waterpark, and so much more. This is a weekend that's not to be missed!


(Early November/December)

GesherFest is our convention for 5th-7th graders throughout the region. This convention, planned and led by our USYers, is located at Camp Chi's Perlstein Retreat Center, and provides an opportunity for young teens from all around the area to make connections, form friendships, learn about Judaism, and have a great time.

International Convention

(End of December)

International Convention provides an opportunity to meet hundreds of Conservative Jewish teens from all over the country. Hosted in a different state each year, at IC we elect a new International Board, give back to the community, learn from inspirational speakers, and explore the host city.

Kadima Day

(Mid March)

At Kadima Day, we have a chance for 5-7th graders to come spend a day getting a taste of USY and Kadima. Kadima day is usually at a fun venue around the Chicago area. Past events were held at Dave'n'Busters, Lucky Strike, and more.


(Early April)

Kinnus is one of the most important events for CHUSY Region. At Kinnus, we elect our new Regional Executive Board, thank our outgoing board, have a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee, IL, and more. Kinnus is the first USY convention that 8th graders are invited to, and it's the weekend we say farewell to our outgoing senior class. 

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