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Its never too early to start planning for summer…Nothing is better than spending the summer with USY Summer Programs. USY offers a variety of summer programs in the USY, Europe and Israel!

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North American Trips

USY on Wheels – Classic

Spend six-and-a-half weeks traveling coast to coast and experience North America, from sunrise on the rim of the Grand Canyon to pizza and blues in Chicago. Along the way, you’ll meet the famous mouse at Disneyland, feel a mile high in Denver, eat some fiery Texas chili, and discover a rainbow of Redwoods, Yellowstone, and Blue Ridge Mountains, as you connect with the people and places of this great continent

USY on Wheels East (for incoming freshman)

USY on Wheels, East will cover the East coast of the United States and Canada on an incredible four-week adventure

USY on Wheels Mission Mitzvah

Want to spend your summer having fun while helping others? Want to see the United States in a unique way? Then join us this summer on USY on Wheels, Mission: Mitzvah. For five-and-a-half weeks you can travel from east to west making a difference in every city you visit. Along with helping to repair the world you will experience the great sights and sounds this country has to offer.

Pacific Northwest

Take in the rich coffee-soaked culture of Seattle, the quirkiness of Portland, and the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia on Pacific Northwest. Explore some of North America’s most spectacular sights from Mount Rainier in Washington State to Crater Lake in Oregon, and top it all off with a week-long Alaskan cruise on Norwegian cruise lines!


  • Summer program participants will be involved in a community-based building project. They will meet and discuss solutions with community members and partner with them to build and install the project.
  • Projects vary from day to day depending on what materials have been donated. Common tasks include: unloading donation carts, sorting and organizing tile, trim, miscellaneous hardware and lighting, and de-nailing lumber.
  • Summer program participants will be working alongside the young adults from Portland YouthBuilders on a Habitat for Humanity work site.

Mission to Cuba

Experience the life, culture, and Jewish history of Cuba on this one-week USY Summer Program! Spend the first night in Miami getting to know the group, and then head to Havana for the experience of a lifetime! Look forward to some of the incredible highlights below:

  • Interact with the Jewish communities of Havana and surrounding provinces
  • Learn about the history of Cuba and its Jewish community
  • Walking tour of Old Havana, experiencing the famous open air-market and its colonial-era streets
  • Meet with artists and art professors from a local community art center and help with painting a mural

Europe and Israel Trips

Israel Piligrimage/ Poland Seminar

Explore Jewish life in Poland, followed by four weeks of renewal in Israel. A full week is spent discovering the history and culture of Polish Jewry, including visits to the concentration camps of Sobibor, Majdanek, Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Treblinka. Poland Seminar also includes city tours of Warsaw, Cracow and Lublin.

After you experience Poland, spend four weeks of renewal exploring the length and breadth of Israel as you have a full Israel Pilgrimage experience*.

Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage 

Discover the unique cities of Eastern Europe, from the towering spires of Germany and the Czech Republic to the countryside of Poland. Learn about the past, present, and future of these unique Jewish communities, including visits to concentration camps.

Then spend four weeks of follow-up in Israel, discovering Jewish life and culture in the present while participating in the full Israel Pilgrimage experience*.

Italy/Israel Pilgrimage

Begin your experience with a week of travel in Italy learning about the history of Italian Jewry from the inside, exploring the amazing cities of Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. You’ll spend the final four weeks experiencing all that Israel has to offer.

After you experience Italy, spend four weeks exploring the length and breadth of Israel as you have a full Israel Pilgrimage experience

Poland Seminar and Eastern Europe for Adults

Travel with USY Summer Experience as an adult on Poland Seminar For Adults. And this year we are pleased to announce the launch of a second trip to Budapest and Prague. The two adult programs can be registered for separately or combined into one travel experience.

USY has sponsored trips to Israel and Europe since 1956. Over 25 years ago USY launched its highly successful Israel Pilgrimage/Poland Seminar, followed by other European options a few years later. For many years parents of USY participants asked us to plan similar trips to Poland and Eastern Europe for adults. In response to those requests we launched our USY Poland Seminar for Adults in 2013. This year in addition to the Poland trip we are also offering a trip to Budapest and Prague, which can be combined with the week in Poland or as a separate trip. Our itinerary and programming is similar to that of the programs we run for high school and college students. Our primary emphasis is on sites of Jewish interest, focusing on the rich Jewish history of the countries we visit. In Poland, in particular (but also in Budapest and Prague) that is combined with a special focus on the Holocaust period.

Israel Only Trips

Israel Adventure 

Have an incredibly exciting and stimulating summer in Israel. For four weeks, you’ll be exposed to the history and contemporary realities of Judaism and Israel. Climb the fortress of Masada, explore the stalactite caves of Netifim, swim in the waters of the Kinneret, pray at the Kotel, and drink tea in a Bedouin tent on the sands of the Negev desert. You’ll experience these sights and sounds with new friends who will share your love of the Jewish homeland.

Israel Adventure Plus

Spend five weeks experiencing a complete introduction to the land of Israel. Time is spent living history in Jerusalem, traveling through Haifa, hiking the Galilee, snorkeling in Eilat, and exploring the Negev. Your group will also spend a week in Gadna, a totally different experience of Israeli army training simulation. You will learn about Israel by visiting throughout its length and breadth.

L’Taykan Olam – Social Action/Tikun Olam 

A four-week trip to Israel that includes both sightseeing and social action projects on a daily basis. Spend time volunteering in Haifa, Jerusalem, the Golan, with the final week focused on helping the land of Israel flourish. This program is a chance to explore the Jewish homeland and lend a hand to help make it better.