Social Action/Tikun Olam

Kevin Medansky


Hey, CHUSY! I’m Kevin Medansky, the CHUSY Region Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President for the 2013-2014 year and I just want to say, Buckle Up – It’ll be a fun ride! Having been involved in CHUSY Region since the sixth grade, going to every program possible, I can officially say: I love USY. I love the community that exists, where if you don’t know someone, it’s okay, because you’ll be best friends after a minute of talking. I love the services, where every USYer gets involved, through leading brachot, reading Torah, or just being an active participant overall. I love USY’s connection with Israel, where every USYer knows exactly what’s going on out there in the Homeland. And, I love how USY joins together as a whole to help others and truly make a positive difference in the world. This past year, I was a part of an International-USY Anti-Gun Violence Rally in Boston, MA., where each of our voices were heard all over the world – that’s the great part about online streaming! Also, I love music and how USY makes it such a crucial part of the organization, be it through Ruach Songs, Sunday Shacharit Live, or various niggunim that everyone seems to know. I also love short bio’s, so it looks like this’ll be the end for me! I’m so excited to get the chance to make a difference in this world with each and every one of you!