Ari Weiss

Pronouns: He/Him

CHUSY, I am beyond honored to be serving as you 2017-2018 Membership Kadima Vice President. Now time for a quick history of my USY career. I joined the fantastic chapter of BJUSY my freshman year and ever since then I have been in love with USY. My sophomore year I was elected as BJUSY Membership Kadima vice president and my junior year I served as the Junior Representative for my respective chapter.

I cannot be more ready to make this the best year in CHUSY region that we have ever seen. This coming year I will be focused around what I will call Mission Chai. This is a plan to reach 18% membership growth, 18% convention attendance growth, and 18% summer program participation growth. This is a large goal, but a goal that we as a region can achieve. Membership is especially important with #ICCHI-TOWN coming this December. To help the region continue to grow in the future years I will bring Kadima back into the big picture of all things USY. A boost in Kadima is a boost for USY in the upcoming year.

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Ari Weiss

CHUSY Regional Membership Kadima Vice President

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